Is there really a way to lose weight and keep it off?

Can I really lose weight and keep it off?

Is losing weight a challange?

Have you tried to lose weight only to regain it all back again, and then some? Do you try the latest weight loss fads or watch other people’s instagram posts to get inspired, but just can not achieve the results you desire, let alone get started? 

Consider going about your next weight loss attempt in a different way than you have before. 

What are your eating paterns and food relationships? 

True and lasting weight loss requires more than just a minimum change in your activity or trying a fad diet for 30-days and then returning to old patterns.  While changing your diet and activity level are both important, effective and permanent weight loss happens when there are changes in your thinking, your habits and your relationship with food.

One change in thought is where you eat to live and not live to eat. Another pattern to consider is when you reach for food to deal with emotional triggers. Permanent weight loss is a complex and multidimensional concept that involves developing new life skills, making behavioral changes and addressing the heart of your relationship with food. A recent study from Psychology Today states an even more effective approach to losing weight couples behavior change with psychological support and thus addressing the idea of changing your relationship with food (see link to said article).

Weight loss can include a life skill, psychological, emotional and habitual overhaul that, when done incrementally, will help to keep the weight off for good.  Learning about your habits, the reasons you eat, and making changes over time, are great steps to begin the weight loss journey.

Make a commitment to yourself with NYFITPROS

Yes, weight loss is a journey, but it is also a commitment.  Someone does not become overweight because of eating at fast food restaurants every so often.  Repeating unhealthy eating habits, being inactive, or allowing emotions or life stresses to guide one’s choices and behaviors also play a significant role in weight gain. 


NYFITPROS is here for YOU!

At NYFITPROS, we are here to help you navigate and reach your weight loss goals. Our services include Nutritional Coaching to assess your diet, Medical Exercise to develop a safe, personalized fitness plan, Stress Management and Lifestyle Coaching to address food relationships, habits and weight loss roadblocks, along with psychological support through our mood health partners.   NYFITPROS has it all. With the latest in training, technology and evidence-based best practices, we not only can help you with your weight loss journey, we are able to help you get motivated to stick with the commitment to yourself and your health. Let NY FitPros help you get to your destination of permanent weight loss.

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Penelope Benjamin, B.A. Exercise Science

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