Roadblocks to Weight Loss

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How many times have you gotten frustrated with your weight loss journey?  Have you reverted back to old eating habits to bring comfort to that frustration?   What a vicious cycle.  We try to lose weight with a diet just to run back to our old eating habits when stress or unfortunate circumstances occur. We just give up because the efforts we put forth are not working. In a article written by Malia Frey, she discusses 5 Common Psychological Blocks that may be in your way along the road to your weight loss success.


Common Psychological Blocks that May Inhibit Weight Loss


Sure, our good intentions motivate us to get started on the journey to lose weight.  We may even have some knowledge on how to eat healthy and how to exercise. So what limits our progress?  Why do we give up sometimes before we get started? Frey contends in her peer reviewed article that there may be some common psychological blocks to consider addressing as you begin your weight loss efforts. Addressing these blocks has the potential to make every difference in our weight loss.


All-or-Nothing Thinking

Maybe you’ve said,If I don’t stick to this eating plan perfectly, I’m a failure, I should give up.” Weight loss is about progression not perfection.  If you take steps gradually, changing an eating habit or adding one exercise habit one at a time, until a change becomes a part of your routine and life, the changes you seek will come. Weight loss is a lifestyle change and a life-long commitment taken one day at a time. 

Negative Body Image

Being less than satisfied with the way your body looks in its current state can discourage you from even trying. True, you may not be Beyonce or Vanessa Hudgens, but accepting one’s self, warts and all, is a great first step. Learning to love each part of ourselves AS IS, and committing to do the work, step by step will mitigate the frustration and pain of the past and accept the journey to where you want to go. A positive body image, at every phase of your change, help to keep you and your emotions in balance.



We can’t deny that eating feels good. When stress comes, most people use food as the best way to calm their emotions.   Eating makes you feel better almost instantly. But once that feeling fades, you are left with the empty bag and a body full of extra calories.  Managing stress using healthier strategies can lessen its effects on you and your emotions while bringing better outcomes than eating  away your feelings when you are stressed. 



There is a physiological connection between depression and weight loss. Fatigue, loss of appetite, low energy and psychological stress can add to being depressed.  Seeking support and help through professional means may be a solution. Changing diet and adding exercise will also change mood and behavior outcomes.   Physical activity is a greate way to change how your feel.  Exercise  stimulates the release of dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin. These brain chemicals play an important part in regulating your mood. 


Personal or Childhood Trauma

Being exposed to physical abuse, sexual abuse, or peer bullying put one at a higher risk for obesity then their counterparts. Shame, embarrassment, feelings of guilt or lack of control can contribute to feeling stuck. Seeking support from a professional is a great place to begin to address all hurts and traumas. Having a desire to overcome the past and make changes accelerates profesional behavior health therapy.  


Help for Weight Loss Roadblocks

No wonder weight loss can be so challenging. Becoming overweight did not just happen in an instant.  So losing weight will not happen in an instant either. It will take a strong commitment to oneself and an honest look at whether any of these barriers or others may be blocking you.  There are a multitude of other reasons, like negative self-talk and rationalizational thinking that may contribute to what’s blocking your progress. Help is always the greatest tool to enlist, either through professional psychotherapy, enlisting a health and wellness coach or enrolling in a medical weight loss program.  You can find all of those supports and many others here at NYFITPROS. Call us NOW; We can help you get started. 

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Penelope Benjamin, B.A. Exercise Science

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