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6 Pillars of Lifestyle Medicine

Lifestyle Medicine is the use of evidence-based approach to preventing, treating, and even reversing diseases by replacing unhealthy behaviors with positive ones. The six pillars are a therapeutic intervention program which includes: a whole food, plant-predominant eating pattern, regular physical activity, restorative sleep, stress management, avoidance of risky substances, and fostering and maintaining positive social connections. These are the primary modalities delivered by trained clinicians and certified staff. We at NYFITPROS have this certification and it is our mission to help you reach your health and wellness goals using these pillars.

Nutrition: Choose predominately whole, plant-based foods that are biber-villed, nutrient dense, health- promoting and disease-fighting.

Sleep: Lack of, or poor-quality sleep can lead to a strained immune system, Identify and alter environmental habits that may hinder healthy sleep.

Exercise: Regular and consistent physical activity is an essential piece of an optimal health equation.

Substance Use: The well-documented danger of any addictive substance use can increase risk for many cancers and heart disease. Limiting and even avoiding substance use may bring even greater health benefits.

Stress Management: Identify both positive and negative stress responses with coping mechanisms and reduction techniques for improved wellbeing and manage stress.

Social Connection: Being connected to others is essential to emotional resilience and overall health. Forming and maintaining healthy relationships as well as a support team, helps us to navigate the challenges life brings

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