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COVID-19 Health & Safety Guidelines


What We’re Doing to Help Keep You Safe

The safety of our members and team members is what’s most important. NY FITPROS has always been dedicated to delivering a healthy way of life to our communities, and with a carefully planned and phased approach, we will continue to provide the professional fitness services at the highest level that our members have become accustomed to. Each of our teams will play an important role in making the facility a safe experience for all of us.

It Starts Each and Every Day As We Prepare to Welcome You

Beyond governmental orders and guidelines, NY FITPROS is taking extra precautions to help our community stay safe and healthy. This includes extensive cleaning protocols and social distancing practices within our fitness facility. 

CLEANING PROTOCOLS / A Comprehensive Approach

We continue to follow stringent cleaning and sanitizing protocols for proper disinfection, operation, and maintenance, of all equipment and stations as well as adding additional procedures to achieve a new level of cleanliness throughout the entire facility.  

Deep Cleans

Continuously scheduled disinfection of high-touch surfaces throughout the club

Club hours and access may have been adjusted to allow for daily deep cleanings; please be aware of any posted schedule changes.

Enhanced Procedures

Team members receive on-going training on cleaning protocols and are provided with health department approved disinfecting materials and appropriate protocols.

Self-Cleaning Stations

Easy, readily available equipment cleaning and disinfectant sprays are available at virtually every station. Hand-sanitizing stations are conveniently located throughout the club.

Contactless UVC stations

Rapid UV-C Technology Disinfects in Just 30 Seconds

Mobile device sanitization in general [for healthcare workers] continues to be an on-going issue when trying to reduce the spread of dangerous pathogens. 

We’ve installed UVC stations specifically designed for quickness and ease of use, encouraging members to change their daily behavior, thus increasing hygiene compliance long term.

SOCIAL DISTANCING / Getting It Done Together But Safer

We are taking specific actions to improve social distancing and reduce density inside the facility. Look for signage to guide you through different stations and help us all stay safe.

Equipment Spacing

Please increase spacing between other members using pieces of equipment and within workout areas to allow for appropriate social distancing. STAY 1 AWAY 


Access to the facility will require making appointments for all services, and schedules will be adjusted to be consistent with governmental protocols and guidelines.


NYFITPROS is dedicated to the health and safety of our entire community, including our team members. We are adapting the facility environment and implementing additional measures to help ensure adequate spacing. Team members are required to wear masks and perform self-temperature checks at home or prior to each shift consistent with government orders and guidelines.

Additional Measures to Ensure Your Safety During Your Training

We work to provide our members and team members the best experience possible. This includes sanitizing and disinfecting all touchpoints throughout training areas, Before, During, and After all sessions.

With government-approved, EPA-registered, virus-killing disinfectants, team members will clean and wipe down each piece of equipment before and after each use

To protect members and staff, we will practice social distancing of 6 feet during 1:1 sessions, eliminate any physical contact, and masks will be required for staff and optional for members.

At all times, all training will be done in compliance with current safe distancing and capacity density requirements. There is signage throughout the facility to help encourage social distancing by staff and guests.

We’ll Get Through This Together

What you can do

Nothing is more important than keeping ourselves, our friends, families, and communities healthy. By following the advice below, you can help support a safe, healthy environment for all at our facility. Together we can do our part to limit the spread of COVID-19, especially to those who are more vulnerable due to age, compromised immunity, or pre-existing conditions.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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