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Customize Your Health Action Plan:

Wellness does not happen at the flip of a switch. Wellness is a journey that you can decide to take everyday. What can happen quickly is a decision to commit to changing chronic disease or even multiple health risk factors. NYFITPROS can help you stay the course by providing the roadmap to improved health through using the best evidence based practices that will direct you towards reaching your health and wellness goals.

Doctor Referred Exercise Program:

If you have talked to your doctor about any current “comorbidities”, chances are you will need support to make changes. Your doctor can refer you to participating in our supervised exercise program. Exercise can address the comorbidities simultaneously. We’ll start with a full body mechanics and fitness assessment. From there, we will build a customized exercise program, working with you every step of the way from start until you reach your goal.

Medical Referrals

FITPROS offers medical-based programs that provide safe and appropriate exercise along with health education to individuals referred by medical professionals. We are experts at transitioning patients from a sedentary lifestyle to a condition of improved health.


UNDO IT /Healthy Lifestyle

Based on Dean Ornish UNDO IT lifestyle medicine approach /
using lifestyle changes to prevent and reverse chronic disease conditions
Heart disease DMT2 HTN Depression, weight Gain, high cholesterol 


Bone & Joint Health: Arthritis, Osteoporosis & Total Joint Replacement.

Our bodies are made up of many joints that  allow us to move in many ways. But if you suffer from pain and stiffness in any major joint, your movement may become severely limited. And you may be painfully reminded of those limitations, practical every time you move. While medications may provide some temporary pain relief, specific targeted exercises may be as effective or more at taminign joint pain and the benefits may even last longer.


Cardiac Post-Rehab Conditioning:

Most commercial gyms are inadequately prepared to handle members with medical conditions. Of particular concern are those individuals exercising with cardiovascular or cardiopulmonary limitations. There are certain components that must be in place with their exercise program. Our program provides monitored exercise using medical grade heart monitors throughout all exercise sessions and condition management protocols for individuals recovering from a heart attack, heart surgery, heart transplant, valve surgery, stable angina or a catheterization procedure and have completed the acute phase of the rehabilitation process. 

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Functional Back School:

This program will help participants better manage episodes of back pain.  The program focuses on safe and effective exercise that strengthens vital muscles of the back and trunk to ensure that the spine is properly stabilized.  Participants are expertly instructed on how to maintain stability during activities that involve pushing, pulling, lifting and carrying.  The goal is to improve functional capacity that reduces pain and discomfort while facilitating the performance of activities of daily living.


Functional Strength for Adults (50+):

Exercise is the key to healthy aging. As you grow older, an active lifestyle is more important than ever. Regular exercise can help boost energy, maintain your independence and manage symptoms of illness or pain.  Exercise can reverse many of the symptoms of aging: it is good for your body, mind mood, and memory.  Whether you are generally healthy or managing a medical condition, we are experts at safe, gentle exercise that will get you more active, improve confidence and boost your overall function and fitness.


Metabolic syndrome
Diabetes, HTN, Obesity:

If you’re suffering from obesity, diabetes, or high blood pressure, our Medical Fitness (MED-FIT) programs can change your life.  The goals of diabetes management are reducing blood glucose; lessening the incidence, severity and extent of complications.  Our program helps you effectively manage diabetes using a holistic approach through dietary adjustment, exercise, education and changes to self-care behaviors. We work with your doctor and help you establish these lifestyle modifications as the cornerstone of better managing your condition.


Women’s Health & Fitness:

Women are realizing the benefits of exercise and its importance in managing their long term health.  But many women are new to exercise.  This 2-day-a- week program provides a method to introduce exercise to women of all fitness levels while addressing the common conditions that affect women of every age.


Mind and Mood Health:

A combination of the best of mindfulness (meditation), nutritional, supervised exercise and lifestyle treatments are integrated with mainstream modern medicine and psychotherapy will provide care for the whole person- mind-body-spirit.


Obesity/Weight Loss Programs

If your doctor has told you you need to lose weight, FITPROS is the go to place
The medical based weight loss approach to obesity and overweight taken by FITPROS Medical Fitness programs are structured to manage obesity and overweight as the medical condition it is.
Get control of your life and reduce your risk of diabetes, heart disease and the numerous other medical conditions associated with being overweight.
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This (90 day) physician-referred exercise program is specifically designed to help ease patients into exercising, eating healthier, increasing physical activity
help successfully integrate regular exercise and increased activity levels into their lifestyle.
Clients will receive personalized attention from dedicated fitness professionals in order to establish fitness and lifestyle changes and goal setting.

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Alzhiemers /Dementia /cognitive decline /Memory loss /Brain Health


Chronic Pain Clinic


Senior Fitness Training


Improving posture

May decrease pain, enhance self-esteem, improve muscle control, improve performance, provide injury prevention, increase protection and "bracing" for your back, provide a more stable center of gravity and a more stable platform for sports movements.

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