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Obesity is a common, serious, and costly health condition affecting more than 42% of adults in the United States. Related health conditions, such as heart disease, stroke, Type 2 diabetes, and certain cancers, are some of the leading causes of preventable, premature death. Rui Mateus and the health and fitness professionals at NY FITPROS in New Rochelle, New York, utilize proven diet and supervised exercise programs to get the weight off quickly and safely. Their healthy lifestyle coaching and behavior development help you keep the weight off and improve your health. Call the office or book online today for your appointment.

Obesity Q & A

What is the NY FITPROS Medical Weight Loss Solution for Obesity?

The NY FITPROS weight loss experts are dedicated to helping you lose weight and keep it off.  Through diet and lifestyle modification, their individualized weight-loss plans give you the greatest chance of success. With your safety and support needs in mind, their approach is to help keep you from developing diabetes and other complications associated with being overweight. 

The NY FITPROS obesity solution focuses on weight loss and restoring healthy metabolism. They provide a comprehensive approach to the management of obesity and its associated complications. The team consists of affiliated health and wellness specialists, internists, primary care specialists, psychiatrists, psychologists, exercise specialists, and diet and nutrition coaches, along with health and lifestyle coaches. 

Their personalized approach helps you identify internal and external factors that may be contributing to weight gain so they can help you prevent or reduce the health complications of obesity.

Steps in your personalized lifestyle evaluation may include:

  • An initial comprehensive evaluation by a medical professional/medical exercise specialist to assess patterns of weight gain, risk factors, and complications. This may include referral for laboratory assessment
  • Brain Health Assessment using Brain gauge
  • Current self-care behaviors assessment and review. May include referral to a behavioral health specialist
  • Measurement of your body’s ability to burn calories (resting metabolic rate) and body composition testing (body fat %) and exercise testing as indicated
  • Smart Start Functional Capacity Assessment with FIT3D Body Scan and MyZone  Fitness Test showing how much your heart rate drops in (beats) within 60 seconds after the exercise portion of the test, which may be indicative of heart health and exercise efficiency
  • Review of medication regime to avoid medications that cause weight gain
  • Consultation with Diet and Nutrition Specialists to review eating habits and calorie intake in order to develop a personalized meal plan

How Can the NY FITPROS Obesity Weight Loss Solutions Help Me?

If you are suffering from obesity, the decision to lose weight is not simply cosmetic, it's often life-saving as well. But the fact is that there is no one single or simple solution. It's a complex problem that requires a well-coordinated, multifaceted approach that needs to address your unique set of circumstances and lifestyle factors.

NY FITPROS is dedicated to helping you through their integrative medical weight loss and lifestyle programs that are comprehensive actionable obesity weight loss solutions. 

They include all the tools you need to get the high-risk weight off quickly, reduce the chance of developing further disease, and improve your functional capacity and overall health. The goal is to build your immune system to enhance resiliency and improve your capacity to fight viral infections.

What is obesity?

Although obesity is often viewed as more of a cosmetic concern, it is a serious medical condition characterized by excess body fat. Obesity-related conditions are some of the leading causes of preventable, premature death, including: 

  • Diabetes
  • Heart disease
  • Hypertension
  • Arthritis
  • Sleep apnea
  • Chronic pain
  • Low self-esteem
  • Depression

Though there are many diet plans aimed at helping you lose weight, it is very difficult to sustain major lifestyle changes without the proper support and motivation.  

The team at NY FITPROS understands that obesity is a complex health issue and that no single plan works for all. To help those struggling to lose weight, their health and wellness team uses a combination of clinically proven techniques that include nutrition, exercise, and habit change. 

With the help of NY FITPROS, you will have the support to adhere to the required healthy lifestyle changes. The team will consistently motivate you to stick with your programming, even when it gets tough!

What are the best exercises for obesity?

NY FITPROS is a premier personal training gym and post-rehabilitation facility with more than 20 years of experience helping clients reach their health and fitness goals. As a result, they understand that no single exercise program works for all people, and that your unique body and health needs are what will determine the best exercises for you. 

When you arrive at NY FITPROS, you will undergo an initial consultation with a pre-participation screening to determine your health and fitness level, including an evaluation of your diet and weight history. This process allows them to provide the appropriate nutrition coaching for you.

At NY FITPROS, the team does not rely on trial-and-error. Instead, they use the latest methods and tools to thoroughly assess your body's functional capacity to establish the right exercise program for you. Their SMART START Assessment will establish your baseline health and fitness levels, allowing them to assess your current capacity and exercise capability – what you can or cannot do. Ultimately, the results will show whether you require professional, one-on-one medical exercise training (MET) or qualify for a group-based program.

The SMART START Assessment evaluates:

  • FIT3D Body Scan Analyzer
  • Postural Analysis 
  • 11-Point Musculoskeletal Screening
  • Cardiopulmonary Fitness
  • Push-Pull Strength 
  • Joint Biomechanics
  • Functional Movement Pattern
  • MyZone heart fitness assessment
  • Brain Gauge Brain Health Assessment

The medical exercise specialists perform ongoing analyses and interpretation of body fat, metabolism, and other performance metrics to evaluate the effectiveness of your program. For instance, the FIT3D Analyzer is especially important in creating your personalized plan to combat obesity. One of its functions is to measure your basal metabolic rate (BMR), the number of calories your body needs to accomplish basic, life-sustaining functions. Using this metric, they can create a nutrition plan that is adapted to your specific needs. They make sure to address your specific tastes, with the goal of minimizing cravings, maximizing your metabolism, increasing energy, boosting recovery time, and optimizing your overall quality of life. 

Do I need to follow a strict diet to lose weight?

NY FITPROS recognizes the importance of good nutrition when it comes to exercise, weight loss, and health. They understand how to apply dietary modifications safely and effectively for your unique needs. Your exercise specialist or nutrition coach will work closely with you to design a diet plan that matches your weight-loss goals, fitness program, lifestyle, medical history, and body type. 

Their goal is to provide you with the instruction and guidance needed to sync your personalized nutrition plan with your personalized exercise program.  Together, these lifestyle modifications will optimize your metabolism to maximize fat loss, build muscle, and increase energy. They may use many scientifically proven diets to help you achieve your goals, including the following:

  • Intermittent fasting
  • Ketogenic diet
  • Low-carb, whole foods diet
  • Paleo diet
  • Vegetarian and vegan diet
  • Gluten-free diet
  • WHOLE30® detox/cleanse
  • Mediterranean diet
  • Zero Carb/Carnivore

The team strives to ensure your continued progress and success; therefore, your coach will actively make adjustments to your personalized nutrition plan. That way, they can ensure that your program is sustainable, makes you feel good, improves your fitness recovery time, boosts your mood, and contributes to your overall quality of life. 

The team at NY FITPROS will hold you accountable. Together, they will foster the motivation necessary to stick to the necessary lifestyle modifications, even when they may get tough. They have the expertise to keep you progressing forward. You can do it; they will help!

For a personalized lifestyle plan that can help you lose weight and improve your health and wellness, contact NY FITPROS by phone or book online today.

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